Monday, August 31, 2009

Navy Girl

What’s Really Good You guys?? Me well I’ve been into a lot ish these past few weeks. The most important is me Joining the U.S. Navy…(Yay Me!!) Yep I’m officially in there. Sometime this week I go take my physical at MEPS and then off to basic training. Ask me can I swim. And the answer is (Drum Roll Please) N-O. Am I comfortable around water, another N-O. BUT I have no fears. Maybe minor set backs but nothing I can’t face. How ironic I’m scared of water but I’m joining the Navy. I know, I know. Well In the beginning it was gonna be the Air Force straight out of High School but I changed my mind. Then when the thought of entering the military came up now, I tried to go with the air force. However they’re only seeking individuals going into certain jobs which I have no knowledge in (i.e mechanic/electrical) . So I said hey what the Heck, try another branch and Well the Navy got my vote. At this very moment ,I’m just gonna enlist for maybe 2 years and try it out. If and only if I like it, who knows I may be there until retirement. Yes I’m thinking about retirement at age 21. It’s an essential part of life. For the most part, I’m gonna Make money--Spend money--And importantly SAVE some money. Never know when you’ll have a rainy day. Thinking about a new car. BMW maybe (???) I have a Mazda 3 now and I want something Luxurious. You feel me. I'm a Spendaholic if you know what I mean. My money’s always ablaze therefore it constantly burns my pockets. (Haha) On another note.-.-.-> My dude (somewhat EX??) wants to see if we can reconcile. IDK We had so many dam problems before and I just wanna leave all that behind. He says he’s tired and has grown older and wiser. Again IDK. Plus I’m about to be making some $$$ Does he think he’s entitled. Yea he did take care of me (I was his “Pusha”) Check the previous post if you’re lost. But hey I say Charge it to the game homie. -Im just saying- More money, More Problem right. So I seriously believe I shouldn’t even go there with him. Yes I still got L%ve for him but I’m not in L%ve with him. He cheated and I believe once a cheater always one. I cheated too but only in retaliation until I realized two wrongs doesn’t make a right. So I kind of backed away. And hear we are like a year later he’s still begging for my forgiveness and for another chance. 0_o I don’t know what to do, so I’ll do what I always do and go with my first instinct. and Trade him in...

P.S===I don’t know what I’m gonna do while I’m in Basic Training and cant get online. Cyberland is my World. I may go into withdrawal. Pray for me. Im a internet fiend and the Web is my Dope. (22222)