Monday, November 30, 2009

Nu HairStyle

Guys as you can see for the Thnxgivin Holiday, I got my Letoya Luckett on with a twist.

Music Monday

Keri Hilson -- Tell him the Truth

*I never really paid Keri much attention but I must say she did the dam thing with this one*

Monday, November 16, 2009

ToGet list

Black leather Leggings,
Yep I L%ve em and I have to get a pair.

Music Monday

Travis Porter -- Turnt Up

Kodak Moment

It's been a long (GOOD) weekend for me you guys but Im back still a little tired but I'm good for the most part. Sat. I went to two clubs and at the last club the team and I hit I saw a old(OLD) guy friend. I turned my head as if I didnt remember him. He came over and tapped my shoulder asking "Dam did you forget me" I laughed before I responded. Then i proceeded to say "I NEVER forget a face especially when I sat on it". POW! Was I wrong. Blame that comment on the Goose.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jeezy vs. Gucci (Gucci Speaks)

Gucci Speaks

Now Im #TeamJeezy all day but for once i can honestly say Gucci voiced some valid points. Seems as if he's learned his lesson and is being the bigger man about the whole situation. That's a good look for him. Jeezy should do just what Gucci say's and hear him out. Only thing we can do is wait and see how Jeezy responds if he even decides to.


They Love it when you're doing nothing and Hate it when you're *Shining*...With haters you get a Love/Hate relationship. I wish they'd make up their minds, it's either love or hate. Well Really Who gives a fuck.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DIG IT or Ditch It??

Waka Flocka Flames -- O Let's Do it
[Dig it] if you like [Ditch it] if you don't

This is the Official vid for the Song. It's actually blowing up in the streets. I think it's okay but alot of ppl like it so I decided to post it.

MoTiVaTiOn 101

In order to get something, you gotta give something
~Betty Wright
(No pain No Gain)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's BeeF??

TwerkTeam vs. Superhead

::drum roll:: and the winner is [Twerk Team] I actually like them. I've been watching their vid's on Youtube for awhile now. And this ish is funny. The little girl in the background was blowing up the web not to long ago with her cursing ass. Last but not least, i hate Superhead. I don't like the way she handles her business. You dont do shit like that. I dont even want to waste my time speaking on her so (2222/Deuces)

Bad B!sh of the Week


I absolutely Love Kandi's Southern Twang. That's what makes her music so unique (to me). Also she's on her ish. Been doing it by her lonesome. Boss B style. And she's a strong woman dealing with her uncles death followed by Aj's death. I think she has big (Bigger) things in the near future. And she'll put a Bish in her place with little hestitation. " End up Blowing up on yo Ass" <= what she told NeNe. Do your thing girl. Love the **Trade em In** single, homegirl spoke nothing but the truth. Her other single **Fly Above** sounds good too.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Walk like this cuz...

I know some of you can relate to this: This feeling, words can't fully describe, when you have on a new pair of boots and your skinny leg jeans that fit so tight you’d think they were painted on. I have a pair of neon green ones and I just wore them out for a day on the town. Anyhoo, It makes you walk with your head high, nose up, chin out. Yea that kind of walk. Oh your face well lets just say it has that slight smirk that says “I know I’m fly”
So you're look good so it’s only right that you’re feeling good and having a Chick-Fest AKA Fun. Those killer earrings that everyone compliments and you’re listening to that Nicki Minaj, Kandi or that Jay-Z on the ipod or in the car. You’re walking feeling like a Billion bucks. On your BIG boss ish, Headed to the BIG city, Talking BIG shit but taking small steps in those stiletto pumps. You know how us Chick-a-dees do. And at this point Jay-Z got us feeling like we on some New-New and everyone is twisting and turning to get that second glance. Yep I you looking with your looking ass. Jay-Z telling you (F) That other ish, cuz you “On to the Next” And you like Hells Yas. That’s how I find myself acting a lot. But you surely cant tell me nothing when I’m in my lime green, painted on skinny legs. They’re Just thought I’d share and see how many of us…Get in that Mode sometimes. Or is it only me.

Music Monday

Robin Thicke feat. Nicki Minaj = Shake for Daddy

My Review: I F'in Love It. Nicki Minaj is crazy ((I b-b-b ball no testicles)) Robin his Hot too. I've been rocking with him since he 1st hit the scene with Wayne. BUT I didn't know he was married to a Black chick. Yep...I can tell too. Oh and guess where he released it for the 1st time... Okay i'll just tell you, you're taking to long ::Rickey Smiley Morn Show:: My fav morning show.

P.S " Robin... You can Get it "Rat Ni"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What you Know about That

What you know about that BLUE BELL (and only blue bell brand) of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. I Heart this ish. Im a Loyal/Dedicated Consumer. I wouldnt eat another brand if they gave it away free of charge. Oh and let's not forget you add your own oreos. Ohh Boy, then you're in heaven.

Listerine Please

Sup Reader(s)? I was just scanning thru some of my past club pics when I ran into my ex-home girls, ex boyfriend and let’s just say I was not one of his biggest fans. He was the one of the most obnoxious men that I’ve ever crossed paths with. (Literally) My biggest turn off in a man has got to be a dirty, filthy mouth. Let me detail that… Calling women bitches, Hoes and Sluts for no apparent reason is a No-No in my presence. I mean what’s the cause. And I know I may call a female a Bitch from time to time but I have my reasons. I know this Bitch and don’t like some about this Bitch. You get my drift. Plus it’s all about the way he says it. A person can make a statement in the nastiest tone and make something sound worse than it really is ,which he does. Even though I give 2 Fucks what someone calls me, Let alone it be a ain’t ish a*s nicca. But a dude tries to call you a {B} in the lowest way possible to put you down and there’s a difference. Next time you hear this fuckery going on offer that dude some Listerine to clean that Filthy mouth. So I’m gonna end with a remix to the new boys. “ Do me a favor, Call me Bitch one more time” “You a Bitch” ::my response:: “ I know” LOL (2222)/Deuces

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dial Anyone?

So Mom has been using this soap for a min. now so I decided to go grab me a bar or two or an 8 pack. Well it is supposed to bring out younger skin and do some more ish and stuff. Well I Love the Smell and what not but I absolutely hate how it makes my skin feel immediately after I bathe. I can't describe what it does to it but I hate it. Now I have 7 more bars of this cranberry/antiOxidant BS that I have to use. Then it's back to my DOVE exfoliating soap....and I Love It (Jeezy voice) Tootles.

MoTiVaTiOn 101

Money TALKS.. BullShit runs Marathons...

So if you're not talking some $$$ ish then I dont understand your lingo.

Signed ~LadyPit (Over & Out)

Who listen's to Rick

Guys if you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you feel like " Uh this is gonna be a bad day" On your way to school, work, or wherever the hell you headed, tune in to the Rickey Smiley Morning show and it's destine to change your mood. Sometimes I feel like Im gonna wreck my dam car B/C Im laughing so hard. Rickey Smiley is a fool and he starts the day off Right. ((Kudos/*****)) to Rickey.

and MINAJ says

Nicki Minaj -- Itty Bitty Piggy
She's so Animated and I F'in Love It

DIG IT or Ditch It??

Im starting something new where I'm gonna ask you a Question or something and you give me your HONEST review or feedback on the topic at hand. ((Dig It = You Like)), (Dictch it=Dont Like) So here goes:

Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy -- So Hard

IMO=> It's okay but not a hit. Maybe it has to grow on me. you know how we don't like something at first then it grows on us and we change our preception. BUT as of now It's so so with me. And to think I Love me some Young Jeezy

Friday, November 6, 2009

New HairStyle

Guys Im thinking about getting this hairstyle but hmmm...IDK!!! What do you all think. BE HONEST ...Pls and Thnx....I want feedback guys, so pls share your thoughts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Dont worry your Haters are just confused admirers
~Rev Run

Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Monday

Attitude -- Blow ya Back Out