Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your lies aint working now

Sunshine Anderson--Heard it all before
Gosh i wish I could play this for this nicca right now. Homegirl talked some real ish on here.

Im gonna blog on this topic later...I just need to put this on repeat for awhile. BBL

Monday, October 26, 2009

Music Monday

Drake ft. Gucci Mane --- Believe it or Not

**I love this ish yall!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

and MINAJ says

Call these bitches StrawBerry shortCakes

They always thinking negative and not trying to get more money in there pockets.

::hint:: shortcake

via her Nictionary

MoTiVaTiOn 101

I gotta Million ways to get it, Choose 1
Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beats -- On2thenext

I think it should be...''I got a million ways to get it, Don''t just use one"
Real Go Getters have many hustles...Not just one

They Follow me on Twitter Now

Follow me on Twitter you guys....I won't bite (I promise)...Now holla at your Girl

Drake is the Shizzle

Drake (Lil Wayne's Artist) is getting it poppington right now. He has mad talent and seems as if he's just being hisself. And I like it plus he raps with intellect.

::raises glass::
to Drake B/C he's doing his thing and I can see he has a Big Future ahead of him.(in my crystal ball) Check out some of his songs. "Believe it or not ft. Gucci" ''Money to Blow" "Forever" just a few of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MoTiVaTiOn 101/Anti-Hater(ish)

You gotta Swim through the Haters before you start Swimming in Money...

The Haters drown eventually!!


You can quote Drake ''Im swimming in the Money, Come and find me NEMO"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

and MINAJ says

I don't even know why you girls bother at this point
....Give it up, It's me....I Win, You Lose

~Itty Bitty Piggy
::Claps Hands & Throw Confetti::
It's my 100th Post


Everybody Check out my Myspace Page....It's UnderConstuction but I have a sample of my New Single on there....Let me know how you feel about it....
Support the Movement....Representing for my Bishes (Pow!)

Lady Pit----Who B3tter

Tyra Mail---Motivation 101

This is a text that someone sent to my phone and I decided to share it with you. This just goes to show that Women are always more Clever than men. We got the Brains. We just let you guys think we're slow. See A Smart person can play dumb but a Dumb person can never play Smart. And that's Real.
Okay here it is ===> ===> ===>
Obedient Wife
There once was a man who worked very hard all his life. He saved every penny he made and was very stingy and prideful of his money. Just before he died, he made his wife promise that she would put all his money in a jar and bury it with him. He wanted it all for himself in his afterlife. The old man died shortly after. At the end of the service the obedient wife put a silver box in his casket. The undertakers shut and locked the casket. The woman's friend was furious "Girl I know you did not put all that money in his casket" The wife replied ''I promised and I can't go back on my word"..."You mean to tell me you put all that money in the casket"...."I sure did" the wife said "I gathered all the money, put it in my account and wrote him a check. If he can cash it then he can spend it"
Motivational message... Sometimes it's better(smarter) to think outside of the Box

Laugh a Little

This is right here was funny to me when I first saw it. You gotta watch this.

Monday, October 19, 2009


WTF (What the Fuck) is this?? Now they say the missing letter is an ::A:: but IDK. Are you really trying to be funny or what. I watch SouthPark sometimes and I find it quite hilarious but "Aint shit funny" about this. Is it just me or does anyone else get a bad vibe about this. {Note to SouthPark} Have you forgotten what year it is...It's dam near 20-10..and you Better Know that. *hint* #imjustsayin

and MINAJ says

Pussy this, Pussy that...Pussy thick, Pussy fat...
Break me off a piece of that...Pussy KIT, Pussy KAT

~Gucci feat. NickiMinaj -Pussy Nigga

P.S. Follow this Bish on twitter also @nickiminaj (She's hella Cool)

Hmmm. Let me Think

You guys...Maybe I'm back in Medieval times or something but I was unaware of the fact that the makers of "Cristal" were racist. Somebody feel me in or atleast someone say they didn't know too so I won't feel so bad. Anyhoo, I found out when the BP3 (BluePrint3-JayZ) was released and in the song On to the next #Jigga says "used to drink Cristal...muthafuckas racist" I asked my homegirl and she told me about #Jigga tried to do an endorsement deal with them and they didn't want to do it. Hmm I actally bought one of my male friends a bottle of this ish last year on his B-Day. Wish i would've known.Well Crisal I got a some words for ya FUCK YOU and WHO MADE YA!! Pow

Bad B!sh of the Week

This Bitch Right here..... NEW fucking YORK

Yea yea, she may not have all the looks and in my opinion she has no class but this bitch came from the bottom and is now bigger than alot of these MF's out here now. Went on a reality show as just a feature and now has had I Love New York 1&2 and New York goes to work. Now that's a Bad Bish. She used what she had to get what she wanted. ::raises glass:: She did that. Take notes ladies. Then bought her a set of boobs while she was at it..And might I had that the money did make her look a little better B/C this chick was F'd up in the beginning.

Music Monday

What's your Fantasy(Remix)---LudaCris ft. Trina, Shawnna and Foxy Brown

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I don't know what to say but I will say this. I wouldn't dare buy my dude a pair of these and I dam sure better not catch him with a pair of them on. I mean...What in the Hell was Joe Boxer thinking when he designed this. Is this a joke? B/c it sure as hell isn't funny and I'll bet my last the very person with HIV would never even consider wearing a pair. Dam I'm so caught up in this ish that I failed to notice that this is a chick. OMG that's all I'm gonna say. Deuces (2222)

Hmmm. Let me Think

OK Im just wondering..Someone explain this if you can.

Mary J Blige says in the song "The One" feat drake

**I aint saying Im the Best but Im the Best...**
What exactly does she mean. Because she says she isn't saying she's the best but then she states that she is the best. It's like contradicting her previous statement if you ask me but IDK?? I love that line by the way but I'm in Lala land when it comes to it's meaning.

In Need

Guy's Im in need for some Good, Pop my toes, Scream and almost Cry, Legs start shaking like I'm having a Fucking seizure type of Head. I've had some but not that Goodie that my Boo used to give before he went to jail. Uhh that's why I can't forget about that nicca. But hey a little is better than nothing I guess. Like minaj says "Fuck I look like turning down some head" LOL...When dude gets out he better not think about selling even a piece of a drug cuz I cant live without that tongue. Unless they let my other nigga out that i was fooling around with before this other nicca came around then it'll be all gravy. Hmm have you sensed that I have a fetish for D-Boys yet. Well I used to but Im slowly changing. Okay it's just one of them days yall. Excuse my french. OH YEA==> Niggaz invest in one of these Tee's....INSTANT PANTY DROPPA!!

and MINAJ says

I just had a epiphany, I need to go to Tiffanys
-5 Star Chick Remix

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MoTiVaTiOn 101


So think MONEY..Money is Green

Mother Nature and her BS

Whats Up Gang...

I know you read the title and was like "What??'' Well Mother nature needs to make up her dam mind. Is it gonna be cold or hot well warm. I have a fucking cold and that's something I don't usually catch. F#cking nose running....Chest burning....Chills/Body temp hot....I have more important ish to be doing than laying around in the bed. I had made plans to go to the studio in Atlanta monday but this has put a hold on that. Plus I haven't even finished writing my songs B/C I'm feeling under the weather. I'm like so not in a good mood at all. Someone, a lucky someone i may add, should come along and try and F with me today and Oh i can just imagine how they'll feel after i finish going off on them and channeling my anger towards them. I know I shouldn't but I'm just pissed. TTYL I hope. Wish me Wellness.... (22222)

Friday, October 16, 2009

and MINAJ says

"and Bitches can't find they man cuz i ride it good"


Dear Haters,

I could take what you say about me personal
then Id be reducing myself to the size of your little EGO.
Instead, I'm sending you lotsa Love and Light!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


You should never Hate on the next person for something they have or something they're doing.
IF they can DO IT,,,,You can DO IT...
If anything befriend them, maybe they can show you how it's done....

and MINAJ says

Guys I Fucking Love Nicki Minaj..Her flow is sick and appeal is a Killer!!! Usually Bishes in the rap game can't spit like this but she Murdering them...And some of these dudes too (no shade) So I'll quote her everyday with some of my FAV Quotes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay you guys I've been in the studio. Im gonna release a Mixtape pretty soon. I hope you all support this movement. Has everyone saw the videos I've posted on her from time to time. I also have one on the side of the blog. =>Yeah over there. Check it out plz an thank you. I had a guy contact about doing a DVD but i dont know. He wants to be my "manager" and I dont have a good feeling about that ish. i mean dude I. Dont. know you. Anyhoo that's why I haven't been posting lately. Trying to write/create a masterpiece. LOL Really though be on the look out...I could be in a city near you.

Bad B!sh of the Week

Ms.Oprah.....Seriously do I really need to say why I chose her. I think not. All I have to say is #YouGoGirl!!!
Then she just let jigga come on the show...((KuDoS)) again..Pow!!

Music Monday

My PC was acting kinda O_o yesterday so I couldn't log in so here's my #MusicMonday entry.

Shop Boyz---I want you

My mom l%ves this ish...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MoTiVaTiOn 101

This is also a ThrowBack Joint...#Classic
Junior Mafia == Get Money

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bad B!sh of the Week

<~Serena Williams....Really is there really an introduction needed? I think not. She's been doing her thing for a long time now both on the tennis court and off. Oh yeah, and this pic to the left, that's when she recently went the (F) off on the peeps at a match. Yes Ms. Rena let them know where she came from. THE-HOOD. She just recently, along with her sis, bought into a NFL team (forgot which one) but just know she did. And She's Officially a Bad Bish....[[Over and Out]] 2222

Is it me or...

Ladies is it me or does Gucci Mane look a little good in this Video. (Im just saying) I don't even like him but he caught my eye in this one. "Go Gucci!!!"

MoTiVaTiOn 101

Stack your Bread to the Ceiling,

You can splurge on 'em later...~BloodRaw

Mark of "Possession"

Hiya Loves,

I know I’ve been M.I.A for a min. but trust and believe I got some big ish popping. And I’ll be sure to include you all plus keep you posted. I’ll tell you about it another time, for now it’s just kicking off and I don’t wan to jinx myself. I can say it’s MOST DEF some “Big Shit Poppin”<-- (Tip voice) Anyhoo, on with the topic at hand. 1st off I wanna know how many grown ass people out there still walk around with hickies on there neck. In my opinion that’s

#NOTAGOODLOOK… (I’m just saying) I don’t think a grown woman should be walking around with no dam hickies on her neck. Maybe breast or stomach but not where they're visible. That would not look good at a place of business. (I.e. work, restaurant, school) My current/ex boyfriend put a lot of them on me in the beginning of our relationship. Let me remind you that during our 1st encounter I was openly dating another guy and practically lived with him. And yes this new nicca knew all about it. I put it on the table like that. Okay first time he put a hickey on my neck, I was like Ok we got caught up in the moment and told him I didn’t get down like that. (No Biggie) Skip a few months without seeing/talking with him and we find ourselves yet again back at it again. Whatever “at it” may be LOL. Oops another hickey on my neck. I try having a talk about it a second time and explained how I wasn’t into the hickey thing. Oh, yea rewind this back, My then current BF saw the hickey and flipped the F-ck out. What was a girl to do. I admitted to cheating. Well kind of. I told him I was engaged in a little oral sex and that was it. He responds “In oral his head should be down there, NOT up by your neck” **clears throat** Ya’ll I didn’t know what to say then so guess what I did. Baby you know I love you, now lets have some make up sex. BAM Works like a charm. “P-O-P…Power of the Puss” Pow Pow!! Fast forwarding = => I hid the 2nd passion mark. Along comes a third. Now this shit was getting outta hand and I didn’t wanna risk loosing my Boo. I know I know, Cheating is already risky. Well I take my lil’ short ass up to my Boo’s and hid it all the way until it was time for me to leave. He flipped out but we settled our dispute within a couple days. Good!! So I talk to Mr. Sucky Sucky and tell him we cant keep letting this happen. I also ask why he keeps going against my decision. Guess what he said?? I want to break you and him up…If not then atleast I know you can’t go around him until the passion mark goes away. “Ain’t that ‘bout a B!tch” Now the smart thing would’ve been to run from his ass then but no I was like I can handle this. Alright next time we ‘get at it’ again I stop him dead in his tracks when he tries to suck on sumthin’. Boom…mission accomplished. Well so I thought. This crazy ass nicca held me down and put a gigantic passion mark on my right jaw. Ok I was prepared for the neck, I had some make up as my plan B. But a chick was not expecting a jaw mark. I was furious. Ok I said in my mind that I was not gonna visit my Boo anytime soon. Excuse, Excuse, Excuses I made. Few days later guess who pops up “unannounced” at my door. My boo. I didn’t know what to do. I let him in and went into the bathroom and tried to cover it up. *Looks in mirror* ok it looks fine to me, Blends right in. NOT!! As soon as I lie down he asks what’s wrong with my jaw. I say “Nothing” Well he wanted to be inspector dam Gadget and take a closer look. Then Boom he spots it. Same scenario he flips out and leaves. Calls me like 5 minutes later and talks like nothing just happened. Ok I can dig that. BUT in the end…..Me and him have never been the same. We still creep around a little but it’s not like it used to be. And he probably never will trust me again or take me as a companion. Oh yeah ,guess who became my new nicca. YEP ((Mr. Licky Licky)) Biggest Mistake Ever but that’s a whole other blog itself. Deuces (22222)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I'on feel right, aint got enough Haters...
Somebody send me some,
So I can aggravate 'em!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Music Monday

Waka Flocka Flame----O Let's Do It
This is right here got everybody in my city going Crazy. They Love it. It's aight

Sunday, October 4, 2009



P.S *Muuaaaahhh*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Try it Out, Try it Out

You guys i frequent Youtube alot and ran across this Video of this Chick singing Jiggas' "Run this town" and I thought it was Rhianna. She could easily be mistaken for her. She's singing without a mic, without a studio....Just pure NATURAL talent. She gets plenty Props from me. What you Think????

Friday, October 2, 2009

I aint got NO PANTIES on

Okay Rhi-Rhi was recently spotted styling this Wonderal "Little Black Dress" recently and she wasn't wearing any panties. I may be the odd ball but I think it's nothing wrong with it. *Go Rhi* I admit I've gone without underwear from time to time but it all depends on the fit and situation. Going to gathering or work etc. is a No-No. But in Rhi-Rhi's case, her dress has no place for undies so she went without. I'd do the same if my outfit was see thru or would show my panties. I'd say to hell with them. Now sometimes a thong could help but then again sometimes it won't make the cut. Plus ((Men L%ve it when you're Panty-LESS)) Well atleast my man does. When doing so you have to be cautious and classy and make sure you don't show the world your Goodies. Others don't want a peep show. And I know every lady has been to her Boo's with Stillettoes and a trench coat before. LOL you little Freaks. (2222)

Hmmm. Let me Think

I think I'm gonna have Big bottle of X-Rated today...Later that is.....And Chill Out

You know the old song ''Kick off your shoes and RELAX your feet..." -Xscape


You see me....Hi HATER!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I be Rapping....I be Rapping

Hey you guys, I really been on my rapping ish lately...((Hint)) Less Blogging. I think I'm gonna pursue it. Comment and tell what you think...