Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mother Nature and her BS

Whats Up Gang...

I know you read the title and was like "What??'' Well Mother nature needs to make up her dam mind. Is it gonna be cold or hot well warm. I have a fucking cold and that's something I don't usually catch. F#cking nose running....Chest burning....Chills/Body temp hot....I have more important ish to be doing than laying around in the bed. I had made plans to go to the studio in Atlanta monday but this has put a hold on that. Plus I haven't even finished writing my songs B/C I'm feeling under the weather. I'm like so not in a good mood at all. Someone, a lucky someone i may add, should come along and try and F with me today and Oh i can just imagine how they'll feel after i finish going off on them and channeling my anger towards them. I know I shouldn't but I'm just pissed. TTYL I hope. Wish me Wellness.... (22222)