Sunday, October 18, 2009

In Need

Guy's Im in need for some Good, Pop my toes, Scream and almost Cry, Legs start shaking like I'm having a Fucking seizure type of Head. I've had some but not that Goodie that my Boo used to give before he went to jail. Uhh that's why I can't forget about that nicca. But hey a little is better than nothing I guess. Like minaj says "Fuck I look like turning down some head" LOL...When dude gets out he better not think about selling even a piece of a drug cuz I cant live without that tongue. Unless they let my other nigga out that i was fooling around with before this other nicca came around then it'll be all gravy. Hmm have you sensed that I have a fetish for D-Boys yet. Well I used to but Im slowly changing. Okay it's just one of them days yall. Excuse my french. OH YEA==> Niggaz invest in one of these Tee's....INSTANT PANTY DROPPA!!


sunshinestar110 said...

alll I have to say is.....AMEN!!!!