Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mark of "Possession"

Hiya Loves,

I know I’ve been M.I.A for a min. but trust and believe I got some big ish popping. And I’ll be sure to include you all plus keep you posted. I’ll tell you about it another time, for now it’s just kicking off and I don’t wan to jinx myself. I can say it’s MOST DEF some “Big Shit Poppin”<-- (Tip voice) Anyhoo, on with the topic at hand. 1st off I wanna know how many grown ass people out there still walk around with hickies on there neck. In my opinion that’s

#NOTAGOODLOOK… (I’m just saying) I don’t think a grown woman should be walking around with no dam hickies on her neck. Maybe breast or stomach but not where they're visible. That would not look good at a place of business. (I.e. work, restaurant, school) My current/ex boyfriend put a lot of them on me in the beginning of our relationship. Let me remind you that during our 1st encounter I was openly dating another guy and practically lived with him. And yes this new nicca knew all about it. I put it on the table like that. Okay first time he put a hickey on my neck, I was like Ok we got caught up in the moment and told him I didn’t get down like that. (No Biggie) Skip a few months without seeing/talking with him and we find ourselves yet again back at it again. Whatever “at it” may be LOL. Oops another hickey on my neck. I try having a talk about it a second time and explained how I wasn’t into the hickey thing. Oh, yea rewind this back, My then current BF saw the hickey and flipped the F-ck out. What was a girl to do. I admitted to cheating. Well kind of. I told him I was engaged in a little oral sex and that was it. He responds “In oral his head should be down there, NOT up by your neck” **clears throat** Ya’ll I didn’t know what to say then so guess what I did. Baby you know I love you, now lets have some make up sex. BAM Works like a charm. “P-O-P…Power of the Puss” Pow Pow!! Fast forwarding = => I hid the 2nd passion mark. Along comes a third. Now this shit was getting outta hand and I didn’t wanna risk loosing my Boo. I know I know, Cheating is already risky. Well I take my lil’ short ass up to my Boo’s and hid it all the way until it was time for me to leave. He flipped out but we settled our dispute within a couple days. Good!! So I talk to Mr. Sucky Sucky and tell him we cant keep letting this happen. I also ask why he keeps going against my decision. Guess what he said?? I want to break you and him up…If not then atleast I know you can’t go around him until the passion mark goes away. “Ain’t that ‘bout a B!tch” Now the smart thing would’ve been to run from his ass then but no I was like I can handle this. Alright next time we ‘get at it’ again I stop him dead in his tracks when he tries to suck on sumthin’. Boom…mission accomplished. Well so I thought. This crazy ass nicca held me down and put a gigantic passion mark on my right jaw. Ok I was prepared for the neck, I had some make up as my plan B. But a chick was not expecting a jaw mark. I was furious. Ok I said in my mind that I was not gonna visit my Boo anytime soon. Excuse, Excuse, Excuses I made. Few days later guess who pops up “unannounced” at my door. My boo. I didn’t know what to do. I let him in and went into the bathroom and tried to cover it up. *Looks in mirror* ok it looks fine to me, Blends right in. NOT!! As soon as I lie down he asks what’s wrong with my jaw. I say “Nothing” Well he wanted to be inspector dam Gadget and take a closer look. Then Boom he spots it. Same scenario he flips out and leaves. Calls me like 5 minutes later and talks like nothing just happened. Ok I can dig that. BUT in the end…..Me and him have never been the same. We still creep around a little but it’s not like it used to be. And he probably never will trust me again or take me as a companion. Oh yeah ,guess who became my new nicca. YEP ((Mr. Licky Licky)) Biggest Mistake Ever but that’s a whole other blog itself. Deuces (22222)