Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

So me and the girls will be sipping a bottle of Remy while we bring in the New Year. "Dont know why but that Remy turn me to a Whore" ~Plies .I love that quote.

MoTiVaTiOn 101

A woman who wants a man with money is not a gold digger. A woman who wants a man for his money is a gold digger... <= RESPECT the subtle difference. I'd prefer her to have some type of standard then none at all.

DIG IT or Ditch It??

Big Bank Black --- Stop Playing

Mr. Try it Out has done it again. Lady gives this two thumbs up. Ya DIGG!!

CiROC it Out

New flovors of Ciroc are on the market. Red Berry and Coconut. Im thinking about trying the Red Berry. Im constantly trying that new shit. Wish I could get a bottle for the New Year but I doubt they have it down here yet. But you guys should try Ciroc and Lemonade, Its the shizzle! ~Lady


I'll Never let yo Go -- Flavor Flav

I got 1 Question [Is he Serious??]

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


By now everyone should be aware that I rap. (NOW you know) Anyhoo, I've had someone working on a Cd cover design for me and this is sorta like the rough draft? What do you guys think. Any and ALL suggestion/feedback will be appreciated. So PLZ tell me what you think. Im counting on you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dont they Look Delicious!

Monday, December 14, 2009

DIG IT or Ditch It??

Melanie Fiona --- Somebody come get Me

Well Regardless of what you say Lady [Digs This] even though she's gonna have a crazy chick(Not Me) in jail for F'in some stuff up after listening to this.

Hmmm. Let me Think


1. Im a Night Owl. I rarely come out in the day unless I really really have to.

2. As long as a man chases me, Im totally not interested but I just love the Chase. And if they stop chasing then I want them.

3. Im in Love with Money and I admit sometimes it overshadows my better judgement

4. People make me so sick when they dont know the difference between "Your" and "You're"
5. I look really mean and I AM!

6. Melanie Fione is gonna make some of these crazy bishes Fuck some shit up around here with these songs she's making.

7. Im Bossy yep I love running the Show.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ToGet list

Well I said I wanted a pair of black peep toe booties and well, I got them. I like the style of them. Kinda has a RockStar thing going on to me.

and MINAJ says

These old bitches better change their dentures, when i get in the game they gon' play the benches.

via Nicki Minaj

Friday, December 11, 2009

MoTiVaTiOn 101

Great people don't compare themselves with others, They compare themselves with their past accomplishments and future potential. ~Unknown

MyFamousQuote~> I am my Competition.

1 Question Plz

Who else is sick & tired of hearing about Tiger Woods??? 
Dam. it was over when the 1st Bish came out, Let alone the 2nd, 3rd, and 12th. Be Easy You Hungry Jump-Offs.

See what I See??

If you do then it's a #fact, your mind is just as Dirty as Lady's is and now I dont feel too bad B/C you've joined my DirtyWorld. Hehehe!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hoe Have a Seat

This is B.Scott addressing the whole Tila Tequila and Rihanna situation. And this is is funny to me. I love B.Scott. He could so be my BGF (Best Gay Friend). We(females) all need at least one of those.

Hmmm. Let me Think

Question of the Day

What's the way to a mans heart?
Buried treasure between a woman's legs.wrong(Buzz)

It's actually through his stomach for the most. But hey Different strokes for different folks. So you ladies better get in the kitchen and watch mama do her thing. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

and MINAJ says

#TeamMinaj                      #TeamNicki

Now guys Im team Minaj all day and You probably know that by now. I LUV this Barbie Bitch. Big ups to Lil Kim too B/C the bish has hella skills, Cant Deny. So I'm not a fan of this foto at all. Now I can say I dont like all that Barbie this and Barbie that but hey We can agree to disagree. To each barbie bish her own. I don't condone it but it's a whole lot of other females who back her up 1000% with this so it's a successful movement and I can't knock her for that.
No H8!!!

Photo via @balleralert

Monday, December 7, 2009

Music Monday

Big Bank Black ft. Rasheeda-RockO *** One Night Stand

Mr. Try it Out himself is back and I like this more than the 1st single. ((KuDos)) Club Banger. Who dares to DisAgree. Rasheeda did her thing too, I can't deny it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

MoTiVaTiOn 101

Smart is when you believe only 1/2 of what you hear
Brillant is when you know which 1/2 to believe

and MINAJ says

You was sleeping on me thinking it was slumber time, Now I'm a trending topic little mama number sign.
If you're on Twitter then you know what she means.

 via Robin Thicke - Minaj (Shake for Daddy)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aids Awareness

Ok as you all (should) know, I LUV listening to the Ricky Smiley morn Show and the other day was Aid Awareness Day and so and so. Anyhoo a caller (woman) called in crying saying her and her husband were riding down the highway early that AM and after listening to Ricky's show he had a confession. He was on the DL "DownLow". He had been that way for 6 years out of their 20 year marriage. Oh and he contracted AID/HIV whichever 3 years ago. Keep in mind they have a 1y/o daughter. At that dot I was speechless. I mean what do you say. She was hysterical and just boo hooing. (I felt for her) They asked her where was she now and she said heading to the clinic to see if she was positive. She said he jumped out along the highway because he said she wasn't taking much concern towards his feelings. Haha that clearly was meant to be a joke. See me when they would've asked where was I, my response would've been more like :: Seeking a deadly weapon, I just kicked his ass out of my moving vehicle and if he isn't dead he will be when I return:: That ish is happening all over. But. I question did she see any signs before this. Im sure something should've been suspect but she was blinded by marriage/Love of 20 years. Ricky told her to call him back and let him know the results. Im hoping the child didn't get that shit. He's less than a man and needs an attempted murder charge. I hope that was an eye opener to everyone.

DIG IT or Ditch It??

Nicki Minaj/Rihanna--Saxon
Actually Minaj wrote this for Ri-Ri

I love this ish. That's my opinion. You be the judge. Lets get some feedback Okay. DIG if you like Ditch if you're not feeling it. "Roger That"