Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aids Awareness

Ok as you all (should) know, I LUV listening to the Ricky Smiley morn Show and the other day was Aid Awareness Day and so and so. Anyhoo a caller (woman) called in crying saying her and her husband were riding down the highway early that AM and after listening to Ricky's show he had a confession. He was on the DL "DownLow". He had been that way for 6 years out of their 20 year marriage. Oh and he contracted AID/HIV whichever 3 years ago. Keep in mind they have a 1y/o daughter. At that dot I was speechless. I mean what do you say. She was hysterical and just boo hooing. (I felt for her) They asked her where was she now and she said heading to the clinic to see if she was positive. She said he jumped out along the highway because he said she wasn't taking much concern towards his feelings. Haha that clearly was meant to be a joke. See me when they would've asked where was I, my response would've been more like :: Seeking a deadly weapon, I just kicked his ass out of my moving vehicle and if he isn't dead he will be when I return:: That ish is happening all over. But. I question did she see any signs before this. Im sure something should've been suspect but she was blinded by marriage/Love of 20 years. Ricky told her to call him back and let him know the results. Im hoping the child didn't get that shit. He's less than a man and needs an attempted murder charge. I hope that was an eye opener to everyone.