Monday, October 19, 2009

Hmmm. Let me Think

You guys...Maybe I'm back in Medieval times or something but I was unaware of the fact that the makers of "Cristal" were racist. Somebody feel me in or atleast someone say they didn't know too so I won't feel so bad. Anyhoo, I found out when the BP3 (BluePrint3-JayZ) was released and in the song On to the next #Jigga says "used to drink Cristal...muthafuckas racist" I asked my homegirl and she told me about #Jigga tried to do an endorsement deal with them and they didn't want to do it. Hmm I actally bought one of my male friends a bottle of this ish last year on his B-Day. Wish i would've known.Well Crisal I got a some words for ya FUCK YOU and WHO MADE YA!! Pow