Sunday, November 8, 2009

Listerine Please

Sup Reader(s)? I was just scanning thru some of my past club pics when I ran into my ex-home girls, ex boyfriend and let’s just say I was not one of his biggest fans. He was the one of the most obnoxious men that I’ve ever crossed paths with. (Literally) My biggest turn off in a man has got to be a dirty, filthy mouth. Let me detail that… Calling women bitches, Hoes and Sluts for no apparent reason is a No-No in my presence. I mean what’s the cause. And I know I may call a female a Bitch from time to time but I have my reasons. I know this Bitch and don’t like some about this Bitch. You get my drift. Plus it’s all about the way he says it. A person can make a statement in the nastiest tone and make something sound worse than it really is ,which he does. Even though I give 2 Fucks what someone calls me, Let alone it be a ain’t ish a*s nicca. But a dude tries to call you a {B} in the lowest way possible to put you down and there’s a difference. Next time you hear this fuckery going on offer that dude some Listerine to clean that Filthy mouth. So I’m gonna end with a remix to the new boys. “ Do me a favor, Call me Bitch one more time” “You a Bitch” ::my response:: “ I know” LOL (2222)/Deuces