Monday, November 9, 2009

Walk like this cuz...

I know some of you can relate to this: This feeling, words can't fully describe, when you have on a new pair of boots and your skinny leg jeans that fit so tight you’d think they were painted on. I have a pair of neon green ones and I just wore them out for a day on the town. Anyhoo, It makes you walk with your head high, nose up, chin out. Yea that kind of walk. Oh your face well lets just say it has that slight smirk that says “I know I’m fly”
So you're look good so it’s only right that you’re feeling good and having a Chick-Fest AKA Fun. Those killer earrings that everyone compliments and you’re listening to that Nicki Minaj, Kandi or that Jay-Z on the ipod or in the car. You’re walking feeling like a Billion bucks. On your BIG boss ish, Headed to the BIG city, Talking BIG shit but taking small steps in those stiletto pumps. You know how us Chick-a-dees do. And at this point Jay-Z got us feeling like we on some New-New and everyone is twisting and turning to get that second glance. Yep I you looking with your looking ass. Jay-Z telling you (F) That other ish, cuz you “On to the Next” And you like Hells Yas. That’s how I find myself acting a lot. But you surely cant tell me nothing when I’m in my lime green, painted on skinny legs. They’re Just thought I’d share and see how many of us…Get in that Mode sometimes. Or is it only me.


khaki said...

I take it you really like your neon green skinny jeans... LOL