Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dial Anyone?

So Mom has been using this soap for a min. now so I decided to go grab me a bar or two or an 8 pack. Well it is supposed to bring out younger skin and do some more ish and stuff. Well I Love the Smell and what not but I absolutely hate how it makes my skin feel immediately after I bathe. I can't describe what it does to it but I hate it. Now I have 7 more bars of this cranberry/antiOxidant BS that I have to use. Then it's back to my DOVE exfoliating soap....and I Love It (Jeezy voice) Tootles.


Harlem Missez said...

i hate dial lol...but let me know what colors u want for the header and what u want it to say, email me or put it in a comment from the same post =]

sunshinestar110 said...

That shit is the worse.It left my skin so dry and i just can't explain it...hurry up and get back to the dove before dial tries to take