Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is a Stick Up...Gimme everything I want

Hello Reader(s), I gotta question {What’s Pimpin to you}?? When I use the term pimping, I mean like hustling a guy not that having your hoes on the block type ish. -As if- I have quite a few friends who boast about guys paying their bills and such and I always think "yeah that's cool but I can do that myself". You should never depend on anyone. I’m not saying don’t let him pay for your shit. I by far dispute this INDEPENDENT shit Jamie Foxx and Lil Boosie got going on. A lot a females (males too) think just because someone is providing you your needs that they have the upper hand in whatever type of relationship they have going on. Me, I look at it on a whole different level. I can even say that the Supplier is the Pimp. Follow me. The “Pusher” is running the show. The money is a tool for pimping, but actual pimping is control. Now you can refer to this as pimping, hustling, or whatever’s clever for you. Now that we’re on the same page…… If you’re really on your Shit, then you’re able to take care of your own needs RIGHT? So having a man pay the rent, pay the car note, pay the phone bill etc, that’s something else but it sure as hell isn’t pimping. Actually if he’s doing this then he’s really PIMPing you :{ If a person is giving expendables then they have the mindset of being expendable however if they're providing necessities they have the mindset of being needed. See in my opinion you’re only pimpin when you’re getting your WANTS. Now it’s fine to get the needs but your want is a Must Have. *Question* Would you do anything for your “Pusha”? Stop by the store? Pick up his mom? How about fuck his homeboy? You’re probably saying he wouldn’t ask me that. Yes Hells he would honey. The reason a woman would do anything a man for a man she is so call pimping is because she feels she obliged. Out of appreciation we as women want to do something for you B/C you are doing something for us.

BUT BUT BUT in the whole game of pimping if this person is doing this based on your skills then he’s doing it for your genuine cravings not as a good deed to you. You don’t have to pay them back. He’s doing what he should be doing based on what you desire. That’s why I say he should be taking care of things like Vacations--- Minks, you know your wants. This is somewhat similar to them taking care of your need but it’s a slight difference. After you return from that vacation, this man wont be so bold to ask you to run a errand. Because you got it like that and you’re the P-I-M-P. The only thing you give him is the opportunity to do another favor in the future. So is he paying the light bill, car note, or buying groceries (if so) Maybe you are getting pimped. If anyone is provided needs on this level believe me there is nothing they wont ask. On the other hand a true pimp doesn’t need the other person… the other person is so astonished by them that they wanna do things with no reciprocation. ITZ ALL IN THE GAME FOLKS!!! Deuces(22222)