Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FRIENDS....How many of us have them?

In this lifetime, we’ll all have plenty friends (No Doubt), but how many will be *REAL* I wondered why my mom doesn’t really have friends now I understand why. More times than not, your Best Friend is really your Biggest Enemy. Quote---> I had alotta friends and alotta foes, but when you getting money that’s just the way it goes…(via Trina) She’s so freakinnnn Correct. Females are very jealous. They may give you kudos for your accomplishments but in reality they don’t wanna see you Shine. When you find a Real Friend, You’ll know. And it’ll also help you weed out the fakes. Now me personally I only have a few (2 to be exact) REAL FRIENDS. I have some I hang out with but will never share a secret with. Now I associate with a couple more females but I can careLESS about them hoes. And that’s just telling it like it’s T. I. is. I just fuck over them before they get the chance to do it to me. That’s Logical Right?? I do alotta BIG Things…check the name (5 Star Chick) It tells all. My REAL Friend(s) has been there with me at my worse and my best. She walked with me and definitely rode with me. When it’s time to bring the drama, she’s never got my back because she right along side me. We’ve fought together and we have a genuine sisterly bond here. She's like a diamond Precious and Rare. You cant find her kind on the corner. She’s my Bish. As for these Fake Ass Bitches…. I’ve come in contact with many and dismissed plenty. Only the few chosen fakers stay in my presence if I have a need for them. You know some can drive for me, shop with me and watch me ball (They envy it), fill space up in the entourage. You know whatever’s Clever for me at that moment. Why does a female hate the next female for what they don’t have. I feel if I do it then you can do it better. So my fellow readers…. BEWARE of the Fake, Pretending ass Bitches cuz We don’t love them Hoes. Aight Deuces(2222)