Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Would you Do??

So readers I have a question. If you had a friend and you know she was being cheated on would you tell her. Keep in mind you have PROOF. I’m sure a lot of us have already gone through this before. Either you were cheated on and your friend knew it or you knew your friends other half was cheating. I know I have at least once. I know a lot of women just wont tell. I don’t judge anyone that wouldn’t but me personally I’d tell. Why wouldn’t you tell her? The only way I wouldn’t tell if I knew she had some type of emotional or mental problems where she may try to harm herself. Now after I’ve told her once and she decided to stay…I wouldn’t go there again with her. Most importantly it should be revealed because it could affect her in the long run. See men who go out and sleep with these sideline women don’t always wrap it up. They’ve grown accustom to unprotected sex at home. They trust this new female enough not to protect themselves with her. And lord knows how big of a mistake that is. Who knows what can be passed. Whether it be Gonorrhea or HIV, it’s a STD carried from this woman to you. I think that everyone that are engaged in sexual activities should use protection every time. Most people in society who are in monogamous relationships (So they think) don’t feel the need to use protection. Then there’s also the embarrassment and betrayal of your other half being out there with somebody else. I’m sure no one enters a relationship seeking a 3 way connection therefore you should NOT be in one. I believe in Realness. If your man feels he cant make a commitment to you then he should at least be man enough to tell you. Afterwards you should either (A) accept it or (B) find you a one woman man. Point-Blank-Period.

Whatver you choose to do, you can’t do anything unless know about it 1st. If you have no knowledge of it then What can you do?? How many times a day do we notice ourselves in situations where we’re like Dam if I had known that _____ cost that much I would’ve brought more money. Or girl if you had called me and said you needed help, I would’ve helped you. Knowledge is Power. With power you can do anything. So when you have that information you have the power and if you don’t pass it on to your friend then it leaves her powerless. You saying “Aww I wanna stay out of it for the sake of our friendship” is funny to me. In all seriousness you having this information and not telling me is like you’re on his side. That’s not a friend!!! If you really are hesitant about getting in the middle of something then why not have someone tell me who is bold enough to do so. Or even send it to me anonymously. You know through email or postal services. However you do it, just be sure to get me the info. Nevertheless many don’t hesitate to get on the phone and call our other friends and gossip about the shit. Which is only worsening the situation. My thing if you’re my friend why are you protecting my man and his Bullshit. Are you fucking my man too. Are you waiting in line for your turn. Or do you really hate me on the low and you’re glad this shit hit the fan. You never know what telling me may do. You may be saving a life. You never know if this other woman is psycho…. yada yada. I know you may say well what if she turns on me or doesn’t leave him. Okay that’s why you get it to her anonymously. Then again if you’re doing the right thing and she doesn’t respect that then you and her are not friends anyway. Whatever she does is her decision. Support her and stand behind her. Deuces(2222)