Monday, August 17, 2009

Trick Stop Calling Me!!!

Hey my Fellow Readers, Now I know I know I’ve been sort of neglecting you lately but I’m here to make up. And I have one of my many pet peeves to rant about. 1st off You know I live in a small city (everyone knows everyone)=Well just about. I don’t like that one bit but hey Im young and a change is coming soon. But hey that’s another topic. Any-Hoo I have these men well “Wanna -be’s” who go around looking for my number and when they find it , they think it’s okay to call with no problem. -As If- 1st of all if I want you to have my number you’d have it. 2nd off if I wanted to talk to you I’d come to you for your number and no one else. This one particular #lamebus rider <--as Brooke would say found my number, called and asked me ''What’s up'' like we’ve conversed before. Come on Man!! ''What’s Up''….How you got my # that’s whats up. You’re not on my level and never have been in my ‘circle’ (Haha I sound like AllTel) So where do you get the balls to call me. For one a lot of guys don’t approach me because of my Boss like demeanor. I think highly of myself…If I don’t then who will?? On with my topic for now. All of lame guys call me unexpected and I’m always stuck trying to figure out why? When I never gave them my number. I mean me personally, I would never just up and call a person trying to holla at them and I good and well we've never really kicked it or nothing. I mean where they do that at (Obviously here). I answer the first call and first call only B/C I’m unaware of the caller. That does land them a spot in my contacts.(Yay to them) ONLY so I can save you under **Do Not Answer** Yep that’s what their name is in my book. Yet and still they continue to call. If i pick up and ask who you are and when you say your name you only hear Click! Think about whats happening. This isn't rocket science. Just a little common that's all. Then you have those Restricted callers…Sorry Boo No number No Answer. I'm not that naive. You call at 10 o'clock and I get a restricted call at 10:01....Yes i know it's you. I mean this makes me so fucking mad. Find someone else to bother b/c Im just not into you. Im sure you can relate girls....Right