Monday, August 17, 2009

**Bad B!sh of the Week**

So this is my 1st post of what i'll call Bad Bish of the Week. Itz none other than the Harajuku Barbie herself **Nicki Minaj** She's featured here because not only do I like her style but she's captured my attention with her music also. She signed with Lil Wayne's (Young Money Ent.) Yep the world is Ready for Nicki Minaj so show us what you got girl. You starting out with a bang..Lets see if you'll keep it up. Nicki has a tell it like it is personality that I L%ve!! She even came out and said she liked women and how real is that. Most celebs won't reveal that type of shit. She's on twitter--> NickiMinaj Her most recent release...Beam me up Scotty. She has a style of her own. The females and Males catching the "Minaj Fever" around here. Then she has just about every female adding "Minaj" or "Barbie" in their name on Myspace,Facebook,Twitter etc. She also makes up her own words that females use all the time coming from her "nictionary" Haha!! She has more followers on twitter than some long time celebs have. (How Ironic) Plus she writes her on ish. 5 Stars go to this bad B!sh!!! Yuuuup