Thursday, September 3, 2009


What’s Good with you all today? Me, well nothing much just sitting listening to this new Trey Songz--Ready and it’s drifting my mind back on over to me and my??(ex’s) past. Really reminiscing about that Good pipe game. Yes I’ll admit it, he earned his props from me. And it takes a lot to please me. I’m far from inexperienced. When I say Good pipe I’m referring to that Dick that just doesn’t seem to get old. It’s gotta be Good Size and Stroke game on point. (Ladies I know you feel me) And to the women who say “Oh I don’t need a man”. Yes I believe you *side eye*. But from me to you==> To hell with your outrageous theory. I’ll just assume you’ve never hand the Good D. Now I do say a man can’t do shit for me but give me some Good Dick. I mean there’s other things too but giving me that *GD* is at the Top of my list. I’ve known plenty women who’ve had a "good man” and he did everything under the sun for them. Paid bills, cooked, and even put her needs before his. But his pipe game wasn’t on point so he was meeting the set standards. So you know what that led to. Really, Good D!ck doesn’t have to pay the bills or mow the law. Hell he doesn’t really have to know her name because she only thinking about one thing. And That’s That. Good. D!ck. Though finding a good man is at the top at our daily planners, every good man doesn’t have the Good D. Now we as women are more than willing to put the helmet on and give our everything to make it work. But we’ll always have that emptiness that we need filled. It’s just something about that *GD* that does something to us. The *GD* will have you speaking in tongue, cooking in the early a.m, hypnotized. Guys have some GD and tell a woman you’re leaving and see how she goes haywire. Us women will go to great lengths to keep that Good D. Now on another note, a man with Great Dick is the Best and Worst. See a man with Great D knows he has it and uses it against you. He comes with extra baggage and my closet doesn’t have any room left for that. So give me one with the Good dick and I can teach him to be Great on my own terms. See E (we’ll call him that) had the good Dick but I needed to teach him a little bit more. I took the lessons slow and steady but it all paid off in the end. But ladies don’t you hate to show someone something and have the fear they’ll use it elsewhere if/when you ever depart. Well that’s how I feel about E. Oh god So Many Memories. “Remember the Times’’--Michael Jackson) Just came to mind. Sometimes we think with that head instead of our head too. (LOL) It’ll have us thinking we’re in a relationship or that we’re the only one. It’s like a Double Edge sword. It can hurt the hell out of you both in for the Good and Bad. I admit in the past I’ve done some things that I’m ashamed (Flash Back) of but that’s the effect it has over you. So be careful it’ll have you doing things that you know you shouldn’t. That’s why they get away with so much ish for so long. But on the flip side you have to grow immune to that Goodie B/C it’ll make you or break you. Actually it has to Break you before it can make you. Break you first and learn from that mistake. Now I’m immune to it and it doesn’t have that big of an effect on me like it used to. But hey what’s wrong with reminiscing. Now my attitudes like give me mines and Poof be gone. Okay enough rambling on for now…I think you get the point. (2222)


khaki said...

co-signing all over this.