Saturday, September 19, 2009

I got a Kanye' Ego

Hi you Guys….Today I wanna touch on a topic that I’m portrayed to be. People that think they know me but in reality they don’t label me as being saddity or even conceited. They’re always saying “Aww she thinks she all that and she’s not” OMG!!! I feel like I need to clarify what my personality really is. Saddity I’m not maybe a little conceited but for the most it’s all my Confidence. I think highly of myself. If I don’t then who will?? I have the ability to walk into any room and take the show without making a sound. Loudness never grabs attention; it’s just a short interference. My demeanor is my silent partner in crime and she makes all the noise needed. Even when another female is dressed better or looks better, I take the shine. It’s not who looks the best but who acts as they are the best. And I’m always walking with my head high and questioning my surroundings like “Who’s Better?” I like to say I’m the queen so salute me when you see me. (BOW down!!) I’m not scared to be me and not what the world thinks wants me to be. I like to dress odd and sometimes over the top. Most bitches around here can’t pull it off. If I create a style in mind head then I go for it and Rock it well. I broadcast my skills and they hate it. My thing is no woman should knock another woman for what she does. We should all get alone. I don’t know about the females in your city but around here we have some straight hating/jealous hearted females. I ignore it and just do what I do best just 10x’s harder after the hate. Am I the one to blame for having such confidence in myself? (I hope Not) Actually I feel if it’s not the best then one of the best personality traits one can possess and everyone should follow my lead on this one. If you think you’re the best then everyone else will too. Like Trina says “That’s just my attitude” Confidence starts with how you perceive yourself. Do you put yourself down? Call yourself fat, skinny or ugly. Well first you need to replace that negativity with some Positivity. I’m very small but put me beside the most curvaceous woman and I’d walk like I had hips as wide as hers. People call me a stick all the time but I pay those comments no mind. I’m skinny but I look good. Look at yourself and she how you present yourself to society. If you want them to say you’re all that, the best, or a bad bitch then you have to appear that way. What does your posture say. Me I walk with my head held high and don’t see a soul above me. I’m short so I tend to where heels a lot and I step like I’m 6’4 in them. And I don’t give anyone any of my undivided attention. But you better believe I have theirs. So remember this Chin/Nose to the sky--Shoulders back---Tummy tucked and wear your imaginary crown at all times. (22222) Oh yeah sing Beyonce in your head “Gotta Big Ego”


sunshinestar110 said...

*amen* I feel u 100% people say all the same things about me but it just makes me wanna hold my head up higher!...SO fuck em they wish they could be like us!