Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If the skirt fits......."Wear It"

I recently had a debate ((Battle of the Sexes)) with a new male friend about me acting like the man in a relationship. He says I’ve grown accustom to dating weak men and taking the male role in the relationship. 1st off what’s the “male role” There is no male/female role in my eyes, plus I think differently. Yes I do take the leading role but I don’t want a weak man that I can run over; However I do want to be the Boss. I say if the woman knows how to work her stuff then she has the power. Pussy = Power. If you’re not aware of that then You better wake up. Women put the finishing touches on a decision .That’s how it always has been and will remain. ((In my eyes)) My man knows if he wants the cat then he better play along. Being real I like to control everything but I want a man who will say “Hold Up, you don’t run ish!” And I may pipe down and just let him think he’s wearing the pants *wink wink* I’ve had my share of passive guys and while it’s fun for awhile eventually they start to bore me. Then again I’ve seen females marry these passive men so to each his/her own.

On another note, this other dude (that I hate) wants to run the show and tell me what to do and that’s just not about to happen. By all means he can voice his opinion, I want him to but at the end of the day What Mama says Goes. “He has to understand that” But it’s okay to Agree 2 DisAgree. In the case with this dude, I find myself in heated debates over the simplest shit. (And it’s not gonna work) Two ((Very))<-- emphasis on ::very:: Strong personalities wont mix at all therefore we clash hard. Well under certain circumstances the person with the most knowledge should make the final decisions and lets just say “I think I Know it All” I do take it into consideration that I may be wrong about something and I fall back. Some say when men let women make decisions they are Pussy Whipped. ?What you think? Hmm Me………Yeah it’s the Power of the Puss (in most cases)… The most vigorous super power a girl can possess. Moral of this post….Ladies are the best BoSSes!! (22222)