Monday, September 28, 2009

Say Hello 2 ....

Ms. ZyAjah (ZyAsia ::insert 'j' sound::) Anyhoo she's my 5 year old little/big sister. Sometimes she says some of the funniest things and I decided to share our most recent conversation with you all. I was doing my hair and she ask me do I have a job and I go "Yeah". So she says "That means you have a Boss right" and I respond "Yes i sure do" And she goes on to say Oh well that means he tells you what to do and you ask him things like "Hey Boss can I have a Raise." I say again "Yes" So she asks ''What is a Raise?" I answer when you ask for more money. She nods and says "Well I need to ask the tooth fairy for a raise because she has "THEM DOLLARS"!!! And I fell out on the floor laughing. She's a mess and I guess I'll continue to share her little funny Q&A's with everyone .