Sunday, September 6, 2009

Check In

Whats Up My peeps?? I'm about to blog in a day or so...Sorry for the #neglect. Don't take it personal =). Well you guys see my profile picture right!!! Well i have a myspace page that i don't really show much interest because in my city the bitches have taken myspace to a whole other level. Hating--Sneak Dissing--etc.etc so a lil birdy posted on her page that I look like a clown on one of my pics referring to my makeup. Actually the pic that i have posted on here for my profile picture. Come on you guys me look like a Clown???? All i can say it is, she's a HATER. I mean dam if i wasn't me I'd hate me too. Guess their mad B/C I'm the only chick under 21 (b4 07/31) that take trips, pop bottles, rock the NEW NEW, just left Wachovia and still riding/eating/living Good at my own expense or their niggaz one. (LOL) Momma hasn't gave me shit since i was 16. I bought my own car (my expense) at age 16 and upgraded a few months to a 08 Mazda 3. Dam is that it. Now leaving for the Navy shortly but those idiots around here can't pass the ASVAB test. Sorry that's not my fault. You're the 1's worried about what every1 else is doing but can't read a book to save your life. Here's the pic..Do i look like a CLOWN??? Honestly..Do I???