Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Women Cheat Too....

Now I don’t want anyone to get this misconstrued when I say Women Cheat Too. Maybe not all of them but 80% are engaging in cheat activites. You have your married woman who we take to be happily married and that’s just not so. You would assume they got married because all aspects of their relationship were on point or at their satisfaction. Over the years in a marriage, people fall into ruts and routine sex is no longer enough. Then you have the other reasons. First I want to say this: People always try to study reasons for men cheating. Still living in the cliché time like women cant (Won’t) Cheat. Well I’m gonna turn the tables and examine why women cheat. Because Baaabbbiiii Believe we do. See men think they are kings of the jungle (Tarzan like) and women (his Jane) will settle for anything they give. Sorry Come again!!! Some do settle and they live in pure misery (Literally). Then you have those who step out, get that fulfillment and are back at home before you even think about clocking out from work. Men wake up and Smell the Folgers….(Ummm Ummm Good!!!) This is the 2k’s and the way grandma and grandpa came up is nonexistent in today’s age. You better start handling you B.I=(Business) or someone else is bound to step in. That’s why we have a lot of females screaming Neyo’s Independent. They seem to feel men can’t do anything for them.

On another note you have the women who cheat because the men cheat or as I like to call them “ The ones throwing Rail for Rail”….. Men live a double standard and think they can cheat but women CAN’T (Point.Blank.Period). Those days are long gone like the Dinosaurs. And trust me when I say, this is far from out of the ordinary. This is very common behavior now a days. Women don’t cheat because they don’t love their mate. We Mos Def Love Em’.; BUT (emphasis on but) We Love ourselves More. Ever heard the quote “I Love you but I Love me too!” So a little advice if you don’t know Ask if she’s satisfied. If you don’t care to then DON’T be shocked when she either Leaves you, Fucks someone else, or Stops Fucking you altogether. Muuuahh Kisses to my Bitches (Deuces)!!!!