Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't Knock the NEXT Man

Now I’m by far The Baddest if not THE Baddest then one of The Baddest in my City. (Note)-> It’s a Small City in the Country. Now on with the topic at hand… Why when a guy approaches me he always starts the conversation off with a tale of my most recent niggaz Past or Present, like I really give a flying Fuck. I mean why Knock another man’s game just to get a Female. Well I cant say where that’ll get you but I can tell you where it will NOT get you and that’s with that Female you’re after.But any-hoo It’s well known that I'm kinda of a Big Deal around. And now dudes wanna want in with the lady. Now I have no objections to that Hey I can Never have to Much and plus I’m just turning 21 and I’m not settling no time soon. When you approach a female just be yourself and be into yourself. I really don’t wanna hear about a previous niggaz escapades because I probably knew about them before you did. This type of behavior is nothing more and nothing less HATER-type. You’re a Hater and Im sure every girl agrees.