Friday, July 24, 2009

Shawty Wanna RIDE wit me

Okay Readers I've noticed a trend in someone women. They're Scared to ride a DICK. (OMG?) I know you're like Heck no but HELL YES some of those type still exist. I thought about it then a light bulb came on saying it had to be a reason for this. See women have been deemed as missionaries for a man’s pleasure. Think……..(Okay time’s up) Back in medieval times, the pussy was on lock and key. And I ask “What kind of shit was that??” Men have always been made out as superior and females always undervalued. In today’s age you have a lot of men/boys….Who think the woman is no good unless she is being served the royal penis. Men are always seen as the controllers so when some females even think about controlling a sexual encounter They panic. In today’s day and age WOMEN are police, movie stars, entrepreneurs, and some birth 6-7-8+ kids. But you ask them to ride a dick and they break out in sweats. Ladies the coffees been brewing you just need to wake up and smell it. Men expect us to get on top sometimes. Preferably I do All the Time. They crave for that relaxation. Dam they don’t wanna pull a 9 hour shift and then come home and do all the work in bed too. For those of you who are on the scared side, I’ll tell you the #1 source for learning how to ride. ASK YOUR MAN!!! (Hello) Who knows better than the one who’ll be on the receiving end. Or feel free to ask me. It’s really simple.
For the beginners, you should start with him sitting in a chair while your feet still touch the floor. Play your favorite R&B song…Maybe Hip-Hop for some. Move your hips to the beat and put a little rhythm with it. Now were talking. Make sure you’ve had a few sips of Remy, X rated, Goose, Belve. Whatever’s clever. Now that you’ve found your groove, ask him does it feel good. Follow his lead, I promise he won’t misguide you. I can assure you he isn’t shy and he’ll let you know what needs to be done.Because believe me…..He wants that nut. Relax and have fun with it. Get Creative. Be patient cowboys didn't learn how to ride a bull in a day and you surely won’t learn to ride a dick in a day. Now if you’re gonna assume the position then make sure you take it to the finish line. Talk dirty to him. Get my drift. Now if you scared to talk dirty then more than likely you’re to scared to be riding dick in the 1st place. Now if you want some particular positions then comment and let it be known…Deuces.(222222)


JSADTheKing said...

I like this post, I love when a woman is not afraid to speak on sex.