Saturday, July 25, 2009

He got that *COMBACK* ???

Okay peeps, there’s been a lot of chitchat going around about Mr. Michael Vick. Should he return to the NFL or should he not?? I’ll call it the Great Debate. Well here is my 2 cents about the situation, HELLS YES. Let Vick make a Comeback!!! After all this mayhem if he has the balls to reinstate then by all means allow it. On another note it shouldn’t be based upon what I think or you think…Not even what the NFL commissioner thinks. Now I’m against animal abuse 100%. In no way, shape, or form do I condone Vick’s actions. BUT (stress but) he’s served his time…forfeited more money than majority of us will ever see…lost his home…and been publicly humiliated. Now who would say that that’s not a paid debt to society. Playing football is his career and he shouldn’t be denied an opportunity to earn a living. On the other hand the NFL teams should feel free to deny him a contract if they chose. Arthur Blank has said he won’t accept Vick back with the Falcons but he should at least be behind him with his possible return. Vick is the one who put the ATL Falcons on the map. <--(My opinion only) Now it’s only rightful to say that it’s a risk letting him return but for him to be given the opportunity is not a risk at all. People are given the chance to redeem themselves all the time. Why is Vick any different. We all make mistakes. It’s our job to learn from those mistakes and never repeat them. Vick should look at this as a fresh start and not a continuance. Pull Vick off of this pedestal you people see him on. He’s human…The guy next door. Again….Deuces(22222) Kisses to Vick (Muuuaaahhhh!!!)