Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got our name from a Woman-Got our Game from a Woman

Have you every heard the saying ''Beside every great man stands a great woMAN"? Well I totally disagree. The truth of it is behind every great man stands a great woMAN pushing him in the back to make sure he handles his B.I=(business). When game is referred to, it's usually men everyone assumes are in control, running the show. Shot calling, hustling, balling, grinding, or pimping, it's the male icon that's gloried. But no one talks about his female companion, who more times than not, holds it together for her man. Look for every Clyde--there's a Bonnie. Jay-z told yall before. Now this is not a upholding for the Gangstress-Pimpstress-"5 Star Chick"-Boss Bitch or female hustler....(Diva is the famale version) but a picture of alot of our lifestyles and Shout Out. Now don't get me wrong every story isn't a fairy tale because every life lived doesn't end Oh so Happy. This is to Acknowledge the Females who live this life....Now if you can't Congratulate, Dont Hate, Stay in your Lane (via Plies).

Some may sit back, look down their noses, and judge these Real Women(thats what they are) Call them Bitches, Hoes, Connivers, and Sluts but I hear to defend them. And until you walked a mile in their Pumps and Got to it like they have, please save your breath- your opinion is not much needed. Now Lifes a Dirty Game and Women usually are the Best Players. Now I love the brothers like a Faggot luvs Dickland but this one is for my girls with that Girl Power. I take my HAT OFF 2 all Females who Relate...(2Deuces) to be continued